I AM ISRAEL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Digital Download


Experience the rich and inspiring sounds of the rebirth of Israel with the I AM ISRAEL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Featuring the powerful orchestral score from the movie, along with excepts of dialog from narrator John Rhys-Davies and our Israeli cast, this album will transport you to the Promised Land and make your spirit soar!

Music written by award-winning composer, Bob Farnsworth, whose credits include numerous IMAX movies. Recorded with a full orchestra in Nashville, TN.


Album Length: 39 minutes

Format: MP3

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Track Listing:

01 - "I Believe in Israel"

02 - Prologue

03 - "The Promised Land of the Bible"

04 - Rebirth

05 - "My Dream"

06 - Cowboys of the Golan Heights

07 - "To Me, Israel is Family"

08 - The Heartland

09 - Painting the Land

10 - "His Eyes and His Heart"

11 - The City of David

12 - "Every Stone Has a Story"

13 - This is Home

14 - "The Best Proof God Exists"

15 - Miracle of the Vineyard

16 - The Plot to Divide

17 - Sabbath in the Promised Land

18 - I Am Israel Theme and Finale

19 - End Credits

I AM ISRAEL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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