I AM ISRAEL Movie + Book Bundle - 10 DVDs and 10 Books (Highest Discount! 50% OFF)

The Movie - I AM ISRAEL will take you on a cinematic journey through the Land of the Bible, and introduce you to Jewish men and women whose very lives are a testimony to the promises of God. Experience the beauty of the Promised Land and witness the Biblical prophecies coming to pass in our lifetime.

The Book - I AM ISRAEL: The Believer's Guide to the Rebirth of the Promised Land will take you on a visual journey through the Land of the Bible and unveil the inspiring story of Israel in a way that will make your spirit soar!

Through this book, you will:

• Explore the epic regions of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the Coastlands, the Galilee and Golan Heights.

• Meet Jewish pioneers who are returning to their ancient homeland... just as the Bible foretold thousands of years ago.

• Discover the stories of Christian heroes who played a pivotal role in the reestablishment of the Nation of Israel and helped the sons and daughters of Abraham in their greatest time of need.

• Learn about the Biblical Feasts—from Passover to the Feast of Tabernacles—and see how they are celebrated in Israel.

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DVD Details

Running Time: 35 Minutes

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen, Standard Definition

Format: DVD

English Closed Captioning/Subtitles

Genre: Bible Documentary, Israel Documentary, Christian Movies, Israel Travel

Book Details

Pages: 262

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions: 9.75 x 11.25 inches

Genre: Israel Travel, Bible Prophecy, Movie Direction & Production, Israel History, Photography Coffee Table Book

Closed Captioning/English Subtitles

This DVD is equipped with English Closed Captions/Subtitles. Turn them on and you will see the movie's dialog written clearly at the bottom of the screen.

International Subtitles

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish

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